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hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :3 it’s tom again
(sorry force of habit)

I finally updated to link to this blog instead of my old(-ish) Blogspot (took me way too long to do that). Might even migrate the old posts from there to here because………………… well there weren’t that many blog posts there to begin with. Also decided to switch from Serendipity (old ass blogging software) to ClassicPress; thankfully there are no problems, the old link to the first post seems to be redirecting to the new one just fine.

The current theme is sort of a sneak peek on how my new site looks like (the index at least). Again, nothing really special, it’s very simple, especially compared to its previous iterations. I’m waiting until I have some new content to put before I publish it, though. I’m also completely restructuring the site; with the exception of images in the blog, downloadables and media will be put on a subdomain, just to keep things more organized over in the webserver. This is not optimal while I’m working locally, but it’ll be worth it once I put everything online. Hopefully I’ll have it all done by next month.

ok thats it cya


Before you ask, I am posting this at 2:00am during a school night because I slept all day. My sleep schedule is pretty bad, to say the least.
So! I haven’t been able to use my computer for creative endeavors as of late, not sure why. i am writing this and coding a new version of just to get my creative juices back on. I do have plenty of guesses as to why I feel like this tho:

1. burnout
I’ve STILL been trying to recover from general burnout due to a month straight of exhausting online summer classes that i had to take due to reasons completely out of my control. It was like a whole year of school packed into one or two months. These summer classes REALLY threw me off, it took me like at least a month to get back into the American Public School groove. at least I am a senior now, it was worth shaving another frustrating year of high school.

2. wasting too much time and bad attention span
sometimes i just don’t do anything at all that day. like, i just end up browsing rateyourmusic for hours then finish off the day on some stupid youtube videos. borderline neet behavior that i should not be exhibiting as someone who has been touted as a better-than-average student, but do anyways because… aspergers, i guess. it’s so hard for me to describe why i do the things i do, i just do things beyond human comprehension because i feel like it.
i’m not human perhaps…? [otter emoji] (meh just kidding//)
My awful time management skills have resulted in me doing things like, for a recent example, going to sleep at 4am on a school night because I end up procrastinating for the whole day instead of making up assignments i wasn’t able to counger up the motivation to finish until the late hours of that night. I don’t know how but I managed to run on two hours of sleep that whole day.

3. school?
this is a stupid blog post so far. i am typing this out and i see how stupid it is as this post slowly shapes itself with the keyboard tipper-tapping i’ve been doing with my fingers.
apparently school bankrupts creativity, according to some bloke online (i know that this is not what the word ‘bloke’ is used for, but i like using the term ‘some bloke’ for ‘a random person’ or whatever i’m going for here). i do not remember where or when i saw this (probably sometime during the year 2020 on twitter), nor do i know whether said ‘bloke’ is living a good life right now, free from academic obligations, or dead in a ditch somewhere in new york city, or detroit, or seattle (probably seattle).
i think people do genuinely struggle with the education system in america, that’s not exactly the case for me. just do your assignments and be there and you’ll be okay-ish as far as i know. maybe i just go to a really good school and thus my view of this stuff may be a bit one-sided in this case, idk exactly.

i think that’s enough rambling. i am kinda tired now. and hungry. i should go eat and then sleep for like 4 more hours.
the new website design looks cool so far, i’m trying to make it compatible with internet explorer, using floats ‘n shit for the layout (i am not a fan of ‘table’ layouts…) kinda like the old veekun site (not really but i was surprised about how developers worked with layouts before things like flexbox and grid). don’t get too hyped tho (why would you be in the first place) i think it’ll be a much simpler thing than what i’ve got rn
ok i am a bit more tired now cya later