hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :3 it’s tom again
(sorry force of habit)

I finally updated to link to this blog instead of my old(-ish) Blogspot (took me way too long to do that). Might even migrate the old posts from there to here because………………… well there weren’t that many blog posts there to begin with. Also decided to switch from Serendipity (old ass blogging software) to ClassicPress; thankfully there are no problems, the old link to the first post seems to be redirecting to the new one just fine.

The current theme is sort of a sneak peek on how my new site looks like (the index at least). Again, nothing really special, it’s very simple, especially compared to its previous iterations. I’m waiting until I have some new content to put before I publish it, though. I’m also completely restructuring the site; with the exception of images in the blog, downloadables and media will be put on a subdomain, just to keep things more organized over in the webserver. This is not optimal while I’m working locally, but it’ll be worth it once I put everything online. Hopefully I’ll have it all done by next month.

ok thats it cya

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