i love wasting my time site upd8 n more

i love wasting my time
i love wasting my time


now that i have taken a deep breath: hello. is tom. and I’ve made the conscious decision to close the site temporarily. Look, it didn’t have that much content to begin with. The most it offered were links to my music and some other stuff that I don’t even remember. I know, this is all a massive mess, but this is essential for my site redesign plans.

I didn’t quite mention this, but that old design was meant to be inspired by early 2000’s web portals… which, in terms of content especially, my site was not. I think that’s why I decided to go for a more minimalist approach for this new one.

Which takes me to why that’s the title: the reason I took like one month to do this is because I procrastinate a lot. School too, but mostly that. I’ve tried some ways to not have a terrible attention span, but they were so minor that they wound up being insignificant. It kind of makes me sad.

It’s hard being positive when you’re an angst-y man-child. I’ll leave this off with a few cool things to make up for sort of complaining about being dumb:

  • A friend of mine is drawing me a reference sheet for Antonio Magnolia in exchange for a full-body of one of her characters! (i didnt forget about the artfight attacks i am maybe a bit nervous but i am still doing them dont worryyyyyyyy :’]) I’m really looking forward to that because she is an awesome artist and character designer, and I’m excited to see how she’ll do my boy!
  • I went to a local indie record shop the other day. They had like a bunch of classic rock memorabilia and old records. The store is run by a prankster middle-aged balding dad, appealing directly to other middle-aged balding dads. It was really cool. Since I don’t get to visit many independent record stores (Connecticut is a barren wasteland), I was pleasantly surprised by the white label IDM records on the shelves and a section dedicated to indie record labels. I swear I almost had an autistic explosion the moment I was holding an Awesome Tapes from Africa 12-inch.
    Oddly enough, I didn’t find a Warp record. Of course I immediately went looking for my favorite labels. The lady running the store that day said they didn’t quite have a cataloging system, so she couldn’t know. I did not find a single Aphex Twin record in the store. No Oneohtrix Point Never, Boards of Canada or Danny Brown either.
    A bit bummed out, but I did buy some cool things. I want to direct your attention to this EP I bought from the cover art alone: Patriote by Mamaki Boyz. It’s a pretty good 6-song project, basically a mix of hip-hop and traditional West-African music as described by the Bandcamp page. Very energetic and enjoyable, I recommend it.

Ack, sorry I talked too much. I have no idea what else to talk about. This post is long enough. Here’s a screenshot of the site so far:

Screenshot of the new homepage on Internet Explorer 11

ok bye i think

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